Thursday, June 23, 2011


Life continues - as it must. At least there’s no need for an alarm clock these days, with early morning aftershocks doing the trick. This morning’s effort sends houses into more funky jigs, and pets scurrying for their hidey holes. All across Christchurch, residents lie in bed in the half light, trying to find motivation to get up and turn the coffee machine or kettle on; knowing that, soon after the first cup, we’ll have to make the long cold trudge to the nearest portable toilet in the street.
Motivation is a topical word these days. We try to find the energy to bring normality back into our lives. Yet with so much physical and emotional destruction still apparent, the task feels huge.
Small steps, like finding good things in each day, seem the best approach. For the BAB team, training routines in the outdoors offer a chance for mental and physical release. But the Port Hills and coastline - popular training zones for the BAB team - are off limits. So the team heads further afield, in search of the outdoor adventure that we crave so much.
Just one small step, as we take a collective breath and look to the future...

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