Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ice Is Nice

Chasing the elusive ice this winter has been rather stop-start. Continuing earthquakes, sinking homes, near misses, injuries, and now a one in 50 year storm has kept the team edgy for more.
But I can't help but love the medium. It's so finicky, so ephemeral, so beautiful. That is, until it falls on me, and then I want nothing to do with the stuff. Thinking shifts to a surf swept tropical beach paradise, sipping pina colada, and enjoying having warm extremeties.
Of course, that wears off. The bad memories fade, or at least glob together in the bottom of the scroggin bag: like when all that crystalized ginger pretends to be pineapple and gangs up on your taste buds. You spit it out in disgust, and quickly dive for the chocolate-coated raisins.
Here's a small montage of a couple of recent ice climbing trips into some of my favourite valleys in the Southern Alps.

And just posting this has got me reaching for my ice axes again, just to run my hands across the worn grips, maybe give them a wee swing.
Yep, weather permitting, we'll be heading off again.

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