Thursday, February 9, 2012

Te More - album by Whirimako Black and Richard Nunns

After hearing a small portion of this on National Radio, I raced out and bought the album. And I absolutely love it!

I'd describe the music as traditional Maori vocals - moteatea, or chants - along with early instruments. The result is both haunting and fully engaging. Released in 2011, the album Te More has been described as 'beautifully evocative and emotional', and I fully agree.

Prior to European contact, moteatea and waiata were considered essential for carrying knowledge for Maori through oral culture. This selection of moteatea are from the Tuhoe iwi, as well as pieces composed by Whirimako and Richard in the moteatea tradition. The work incorporates selections from early Tuhoe composer Mihi-Ki-Te-Kapua. Mihi-Ki-Te-Kapua was considered the greatest composer of the Tuhoe and Mataatua peoples.

While each moteatea deals with different stories, for me the music invokes feelings of remote landscapes forever trapped in mist. There is solitude, and loneliness. The use of taonga puoro, or traditional Maori instruments, adds to the haunting nature of it.

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