Monday, July 2, 2012

Localism and Surf Rage – News –

How do you feel about localism and surf rage? I reckon it sucks! Here's a piece I wrote on the topic for Localism and Surf Rage – News –

It's Cold But Where's The Ice?

Last weekend Jamie Vinton-Boot and I went for a wander into the North Temple Valley in search of ice. There had been a big snowfall a week earlier, and temperatures had been consistently in the negatives since. We were optimistic about the prospect of ice.
Unconsolidated, windblown snow kept progress slow as we plugged towards the head of the valley. After setting up camp in the beech forest, we carried on up to the headwalls under Rabbiter's and Belfry Peaks. Long snaking veins of ice drooped down a number of drainage lines, and we started to get excited.
However, on closer inspection, we realized the ice was very thin and brittle, and still unclimbable for those who aren't particular fans of Scottish climbing.
Still we tried to remain upbeat, gearing up at the base of one route, and Jamie setting forth. After a few blown tools and crampon placements, and collapsing ice everywhere, he changed his mind and climbed/slid down.
Conditions were pretty cold, so we returned to our tent, hoping a solid overnight freeze might eventuate. But slogging in the dark through the snow the next morning, back up to the ice, we realized that it felt like the air was warmer.
The sound of running water and tinkling ice greeted us at the base of another intended route.
The unstable-looking daggers overhead, along with a warming temperature, convinced us that it was not going to be our weekend. We retraced our steps down valley, through the snow, in search of coffee.