Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shaping Surfboards with Jamie Horsefield

In his father's shed, overlooking his local surf break, 15-year-old Jamie Horsefield works on another creation. I met the young Warrington surfer a year and a half ago, when he knocked on my door one morning and asked if I wanted to get some waves with him. There's nothing like the cheeky enthusiasm of a grommie to get you amping again.

Since then, we've chased heaps of swells together. Usually, my phone will ping beside my bed with another early morning swell update. School holidays seem to be proving a difficult time for me to get much work done.

For a youngster, Jamie has a good wave sense, especially when it gets a bit heavier. His tube riding in particular has really come on in the last few months.

Recently, Jamie started shaping surfboards. Straight away, I have been impressed with his mature outlook on what he is trying to achieve and how he plans to go about it.

Here's a wee Q and A session we had:

PH: How long have you been surfing?

JH: I have been surfing for five years now but was first introduced when I was around 6 or 7 when my dad put me on the front of his longboard and I surfed inf ront of him while he steered at the back.

PH: What boards are you riding?

JH: Right now I have this 5'7 asymmetrical which works like a dream. It's extremely fast when you need it but also has a heap of control and works in anything. The round tail on the heel side whips it back quicker but it still keeps its drive on the toe side with a rounded square. I also have a wee twinnie with a single flyer in the tail which is heaps of fun when the waves are crap.

PH: How did you get into shaping?

JH: I got into shaping a year ago, I just thought it looked fun and had been wanting to do it for ages and then the time came and I just bought a blank and started. I read a couple of books and watched some vids and my friend Olie le Noel had been making his own boards for around 7 years. So I just got a couple tips off him then started.

PH: Which other shapers inspire you and why?

JH: Tomo surfboards, Daniel Thomson is a genius and his theory with planing hulls are wicked. Also Ryan Burch, his theory with asymmetrical surfboard design is really interesting. This year during nationals Luke Hughes and Cain Aldridge came down to Dunedin and they were the sickest guys ever and it was so cool to see them riding their own boards in the comp and ripping. They were actually super nice dudes and gave me a couple insights in shaping which were really useful and I really appreciated it.

PH: Looking ahead, what are your goals with your shaping? What type of boards are you hoping to shape?

JH: My goals are to make some good boards that I can go and surf in a comp and do well. Also, hopefully, making a couple boards for some one else other than myself would be cool. I really want to make a couple more shortboards, A full on lis fish, I reckon a big single fin, And a log. Also experimenting with asymmetrical shapes in my own time and planing hulls

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