About Me

photo: Kester Brown

I am a Dunedin based adventurer and storyteller.

Previous jobs have included ice climbing and glacier guide, fisheries enforcement officer, outdoors retail shop manager, surf lifeguard, newspaper reporter, rock climbing instructor, photographer and personal trainer.

My passions are driven by the knowledge that, every day, the fleeting nature of life surrounds us. I value the ability to express myself through physical pursuits - whether climbing, surfing or anything else that motivates me. And I feel lucky that I can share these experiences with others, either at the time or through words, images, documentaries and public speaking.

Along with my books, my writing and photography have been published in various magazines including Alpinist, The Surfer's Journal, New Zealand Geographic, North and South, White Horses and The Climber. I have given talks for schools, private functions, clubs, volunteer and specialist groups and at various business events.

My climbing adventures have taken me all over the globe, including expeditions to India, Nepal, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. They have allowed me to experience, not just the challenges of different mountains, but also new cultures, religions, attitudes towards life in its many facets, and a myriad of ways to view our own, unique footprint in the world.   

photo: John Price