Photography is a passion I have pursued through different stages of my life and story telling career. While writing is my main pursuit, there are times when a photo captures the essence of a situation in a way that words never can. I am not a fan of digital manipulation - I prefer to publish what I see in front of my lens, or as close as possible. There is no particular angle or bent to my photography. I love landscapes. I love action. I love people. I love people being active in landscapes. And I believe it is vital that these elements are continually exposed, to help encourage an ongoing love for nature and adventure. For, without either, I believe our lives would remain empty, pointless and, ultimately, unsustainable.

Kaikoura coastline 

High camp (5200m) Pakistan, 2009

Jamie Vinton-Boot

Kynan Bazley, first ascent of Mt Hopkins north ridge, 2006

Surfing in Kaikoura

Lunch in Kyrgyzstan, 2008